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SportDime - by Book It

The Draft and Freddy Adu

June 23rd 2011 18:59
Derrick Williams is going to be a star. Nothing more, nothing less.

Also, it is about time Bradley gave Freddy some time in the Gold Cup. He should be a mainstay on the squad now, whether it be starting, or most likely coming on as a sub and bringing some pace to the side.


NBA Jam Tuesday - 1

February 1st 2011 20:28

We are going to experiment with a segment I like to call: NBA Jam Tuesday. Any guy in their 30's or younger knows exactly what NBA Jam is and how awesome it can be to play with friends - especially drunk ones who run around in the backcourt until there is five seconds left on the shot clock, then they pass to the off screen guy who gets an easy dunk. You people know who you are.

Anyway, today's matchup:

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona
Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Raul and Cristiano Ronaldo vs. Lionel Messi and Carlos Puyol

To avoid comments about Raul, I realize he is not on Real any longer, however he will always be known for being there. Consider him an all-time great like Patrick Ewing on the real NBA Jam.



BLK: 3
CTH: 7
DRB: 9
DNK: 4
PAS: 8
SPD: 7
STL: 4
STR: 5
2PT: 8
3PT: 8

Cristiano Ronaldo

BLK: 4
CTH: 7
DRB: 10
DNK: 6
PAS: 7
SPD: 9
STL: 4
STR: 7
2PT: 7
3PT: 9


BLK: 2
CTH: 9
DRB: 10
DNK: 3
PAS: 8
SPD: 10
STL: 3
STR: 5
2PT: 8
3PT: 10


BLK: 9
CTH: 7
DRB: 5
DNK: 8
PAS: 7
SPD: 6
STL: 9
STR: 9
2PT: 6
3PT: 3

Real Madrid can shoot the lights out, but they don't have a whole lot of defense. Barcelona pulls this one out because of Puyol's lock-tight defense.

Barca 78-69

Please bring back create a player


Bracket Busters - St. Mary's Gaels

January 21st 2011 17:40
St. Mary's Gaels
St. Mary's Gaels

When one thinks of the West Coast Conference, Gonzaga automatically comes to mind – and for good reason. Gonzaga has been very successful under coach Mark Few, recording at least 23 wins in all of 11 seasons he has been the head coach for the Bulldogs. However, they may now have a perennial contender to the WCC championship – the St. Mary’s Gaels.

Coach Randy Bennett recruits in Australia, and it is not uncommon to spot a few Aussies in his starting lineup, such as Patty Mills. In turn, St. Mary’s started to turn it around in the 2007-08 season when Mills came to Moraga. Mills averaged 14.8 PPG during his freshman campaign and led the Gaels to the NCAA tournament as a 10 seed, losing in the first round to seven seed Miami (FL).

The 2008-09 season started off very promising when the Gaels started off 14-2, but then Mills broke his hand and missed a whole month of the regular season. St. Mary’s ended up in the NIT that year, getting to the third round before losing at San Diego State by four points. This was the end to Mills’ sophomore season and his college career. He entered the NBA draft and was drafted in the second round by the Portland Trail Blazers.

The 2009-10 season came around, and St. Mary’s needed a new go-to-guy. Senior C Omar Samhan was that guy. Samhan had been a top contributor in previous seasons, but now, this was his team. Samhan went on to play in all of St. Mary’s 34 games that season, while averaging 21.3 PPG, 10.9 RPG, and 2.9 BPG. Samhan lead the Gaels to the WCC tournament championship with a win over Gonzaga, then went on to the NCAA tournament as a 10 seed and made it to the sweet sixteen before being ousted by a hot Baylor team.

Then came the 2010-11 season. The Gaels were left again looking for another go-to-guy, and Senior G Mickey McConnell has stepped up. McConnell (who would have given Black Donnellys more credibility) is averaging 15.0 PPG and 6.4 APG, to go along with his 48.5 three point percentage. He has led his team to a record of 17-2 (5-0 in conference).

St. Mary’s will be tested in this coming week with three huge road games. The first is this Saturday when the Gaels take a cross country trip to Vanderbilt to take on the 13-4 Commodores. Led by G John Jenkins, Vanderbilt should be an NCAA team this year. On Thursday, they will make their northern WCC trip to play at Gonzaga, then on Saturday at Portland. If St. Mary’s comes out with a split of these two conference games, it will be a great building block for them on the way to a conference championship.

Key Wins: St. John’s, (N) Mississippi State

Key Losses: (N) BYU, at San Diego State

Predicition: 6-4 finish, 23-6 going into conference tournament – the conference tournament should come down to them and Gonzaga, and it’s basically a toss-up when those two meet. I’ll take St. Mary’s to beat them and go 25-6 (because of the weird format of the WCC tournament) with a nine seed in the NCAA tournament and losing in the first round, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see McConnell shoot them into the second round.



January 20th 2011 17:38
Cleveland Cavaliers
Relegated? Most Definitely.

I really enjoy soccer. It is my favorite sport to play and coach, and I love watching it whenever we get a game on ESPN. That made me think – other than the game itself, why do I like it so much? I came up with the following reasons off the top of my head:

1. FIFA video games
2. Most of my friends play it
3. The transfer system
4. The Champions League system
5. The relegation system

Then I went on to think – What if America joined in with the Champions League system and the relegation system? How cool would that be? The reasons to implement such systems are infinite.

If you aren’t aware of the two systems, here is a breakdown:

In England for example, the last three teams in the top division (The Premier League) are relegated to the next lowest division (English League Championship), then the top three teams from that lower division go to the top division every year.

Staying with The Premier League, the top three teams in that division qualify for The Champions League and go on to play the other teams in Europe that qualify from their respective leagues. The fourth place team in England qualifies for The Champions League qualifiers, so they aren’t guaranteed a spot in The Champions League, but they have a good shot. Then the fifth place team qualifies for a lesser known tournament called the Europa League, along with two other teams from the Premier League that can qualify in a few different ways.

New Rivalries: Imagine the NBA and NBDL mashed together to form two intertwining leagues. Owners would be punished for their incompetence and be forced to spend their money even wiser. Rivalries would form – Fort Wayne Mad Antz vs. Indiana Pacers, Tulsa 66ers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder, or even teams out of the ABA could form rivalries such as Georgia Gwizzlies vs. Atlanta Hawks (that’s right – Gwizzlies) or Texas Fuel vs. San Antonio Spurs. The matchups are endless.

Minor League Teams: For those of us with minor league teams in our cities, how much more entertaining would a game be if we knew they could move up a division? The guys out there are not only playing for themselves and their team, but they are playing for you, the fan. They are trying to further their careers, but they are also representing your city and trying to make a name for your team.

Restrictions on Promotion: In European leagues such as England’s, there are certain teams that can only move up so high in the system because of their facilities. Certain teams don’t meet the facility requirements of the top English divisions, therefore they cannot move up to them. If thought about, the rule is a good one because it protects revenues and doesn’t let teams get embarrassed for a whole season if they don’t have the money to spend on top talent. Sadly, you wouldn’t be seeing ABA teams such as the Gulf Coast Flash (plays at Gulfport High School) or the Dallas Impact (plays at the Lakewest Family YMCA) playing in the NBA unless they got bigger facilities.

Regular Season: Almost all regular season games matter in England. Teams are either fighting to get a top spot to qualify for European competition, or they are fighting to not get relegated. Therefore, a game between the fourth place team and the 17th placed team at the end of the season will be full of drama and actually count for something. No players will be sitting out waiting for the playoffs, that is their playoffs. The regular season counts for a lot more overseas then it does in America.

Players: A player such as Antawn Jamison wouldn’t have to waste his career on teams that have no chance at doing anything. See, when teams get relegated, they sell their top players most of the time because they can’t afford them, and the star players in turn don’t want to play in the lower league. Jamison would then go to another team by way of a transfer or a trade (transferring is the world way, trading is the American way).

In Conclusion: I realize the draft process would have to be revamped along with salary cap rules and the "minor leagues". Either way, the draft needs to be changed. Why not have a completely random draft order? Don’t award teams for how bad they are. That is the biggest difference with how Europe (and other parts of the world) and America treat their professional sports teams. In America, we pamper our teams by giving them hope with draft picks. In other places, teams are punished for being bad and need to climb back up on their own. That is how it should be.


Karma and LeBron

January 13th 2011 17:08
Some people just shouldn’t have a twitter – LeBron James included. After the Cleveland Cavaliers got embarrassed on Tuesday night in L.A. against the defending champion Lakers by 55 points, LeBron posted on Twitter: “Crazy. Karma is a bitch.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

It is understandable if LeBron is still mad at Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. I would be annoyed, too. However, LeBron was a scumbag during the whole process before and when he decided. His t.v. special was inexcusable and it ripped Cleveland's heart out. Now they are doomed to have awful teams for who knows how many years

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Bracket Busters - USC Basketball

January 12th 2011 18:48

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